Kitsap county Adult employment Services

Katie Realizes Her Potential at Applebees

Image: Woman holding a door open and smiling with her right arm showing the way into the door. She wears a black Applebees uniform and name tag.
Image: Holly Ridge Center Logo

Katie Martin has been a part of Holly Ridge Center’s Adult Employment Services Program for eleven years and has been a proud employee at our local Applebee’s for four years. Katie is an extroverted host who brings an astronomical amount of joy to those around her. During the recent Holly Ridge Center Board of Directors’ search, Katie felt compelled to take her passion for inclusion to the next level and join the Board of Directors. Katie says that she wants others to receive the support she has received and is excited to help educate people in our community about the help that they too can get from Holly Ridge Center. Ronnie, Holly Ridge Center’s Adult Employment Services Manager, and longtime supporter of Katie says, Katie brings “new positive energy” and “perspective from the clients we serve” to the board.  

In her free time, you can find Katie volunteering at Bremerton Food Line, crafting, and spending time with her family. We are thrilled to welcome Katie to the HRC Board of Directors and look forward to the impact she has made during her time of service!

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