Boots on the Ground: Employment Consultant Community of Practice

In collaboration with the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Administration, Wise is pleased to announce the Boots on the Ground: Employment Consultant Community of Practice! Comprised of two sessions per week, this Community of Practice will offer hands on examples and opportunities to see innovative direct service from employment providers across the State of Washington. Tuesday seminars will occur each week from 9:30 to 11:30am PST, and Friday workshops will provide follow up conversation and activities based on the Tuesday content from 9:30 to 10:30am PST. These events are open to all and free of charge.

*Attending the Tuesday seminar is not required in order to participate in Friday’s workshop, although you are encouraged to do so. Recordings of Tuesday’s events will be made available the following Wednesday to those who could not attend.

For direct service providers who want to follow along and collaborate with one another outside the Boots series, please register here for the interactive Boots Shop platform!

Additionally, the Tuesday seminar recordings will be made available in the Wise Training Center!


Upcoming Sessions

Tuesday 6/22 & Friday 6/25

Systematic Instruction

ENSO is presenting the basics of systematic instruction.  As we work through this new world we are all using different skill building activities both in person and virtually to teach our participants new skills or keep existing skills sharp.  What if you had a way to measure the growth and independence of your participant’s performance?  Would it be beneficial to see how you could change/improve your teaching style to prompt more success or see where the potential for independence in the skills could be achieved?  Join us for an over view of the benefits of systematic instruction method to create space for your participant to be independence in different skills. 


Interested in learning more?

For more information, please reach out to [email protected] or fill out our contact form.

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