Wise Buddies Workshops

Greetings, welcome, and hello! We are the proud 5 Wise Buddies, eager to teach and assist about Skills for Success. All students from Seattle Pacific University, we have created a number of virtual Zoom workshops in hopes to educate and engage with students of all walks of life with the guidance of Chisa O’Quinn. Interested or want to know more about college, independent skills, soft skills, or work on professionalism? We got you covered! Our 5 wise buddies are ready and excited to lead you through this entire learning experience.

Wise Buddies will be offering Lecture Workshops and Practice Workshops so that you can learn about the skill and then practice it with us! Please attend our Lecture Workshops to be prepared for our Practice Workshops! For our Practice Workshops, please make sure to check out the descriptions because there are some recommended activities we would like you to do before attending our Practice Workshops!  Please take the time to look at all of our workshops because there are some workshops that are only offered one time.


Workshops will start on April 5th and end on May 28th, 2021. Please follow the links below for the schedule and session descriptions. Zoom links are linked in the title of the workshops. Note that for the Independent Skill Workshop Series, there are no Practice Workshops available. There will be no secession on May 31st in observance of Memorial Day.

Please submit any requests for accommodations to [email protected] at least one week prior to the workshop.

*Wise Buddies workshops are geared toward Transition Students and are not King County Professional Development courses.

Interested in learning more?

Contact Chisa O’Quinn at [email protected]  or fill out our contact form.

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