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Wise Webinar Series: Effective Workplace Evaluations to Create Supports for Meaningful Work

November 29, 2023

2023-2024 Wise Webinar Series

Effective Workplace Evaluations to Create Supports for Meaningful Work

In this webinar, Silvia will delve into the crucial topic of workplace accessibility evaluation. The audience will experience an interactive case study to develop an inclusive workplace environment. The presenters will guide you through the process of effectively evaluating workplace accessibility and developing on-the-job supports. The audience will learn from four phases: 1) Evaluate, 2) Design, 3) Implement, and 4) Fade to enhance accessibility for individuals with disabilities. These supports will ensure long-lasting impact and meaningful employment.


Presenter: Silvia Gil, M.S.Ed 


Silvia Gil, M.S.Ed is the president and founder of Neuro Consulting Solutions, she builds the practice out of her conviction that employers could create environments designed to promote the well-being and productivity of all by bringing evidence-based awareness and supports to an underserved population. Before training and consulting for C-suite executives and top Fortune 500 companies, Silvia began her career as a special education teacher, where she fostered her passion and honed her skills for building effective student support.

These skills were further developed through her time working in a non-profit focused on neurodivergent individuals and building out inclusive programming in local businesses. In addition she partners with JPMorgan Chase to expand financial literacy programs to the neurodivergent community. She received her Master’s degree in special education from Florida International University. Having worked with non-profits and individual families, to fortune 500 companies, and premier academic institutions, Silvia understands the benefits companies and communities stand to gain by accommodating and embracing the neurodiverse population.

Silvia takes great pride in being a devoted mother to an extraordinary animal-loving daughter on the spectrum. Driven by her professional and personal commitment, she aims to secure equal access and opportunities for all individuals with autism and related disabilities.

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