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Thank you for stopping by the Wise Training calendar. We are currently following the recommendations of governmental officials for in person meetings and gatherings. As a result, all Wise training will be delivered online until it is deemed appropriate by federal and state officials to meet in-person. Please join us online and let’s stay connected!

Wise Online Employment Academy: Introduction to Supported Employment, Discovery and Person-Centered Employment Planning

April 15, 2021

Cost:  $200, may be reimbursable to WA State residents upon successful completion of the course. Please reach out to your DDA County Coordinator to confirm if this option is available.Course Description:  This course is an exciting and impactful introduction to the field of supported employment which will energize people new to the field and re-energize those already working in it.  It will engage and activate your abilities to support people with disabilities to create lives of their own choosing.  It will provide a full review of the values and practice of employment for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, instruction on how to perform Discovery with an employment candidate, and will familiarize you with Person-Centered Employment Planning to inform and strengthen action plans.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be familiar with Supported Employment history, the current state of the field, and your place in it
  • Be familiar with the Discovery Process, be able to perform Discovery with an employment candidate, and be able to write a Vocational Profile as the basis for Employment Planning, and
  • Be familiar with Person-centered Futures Employment Planning and able to use it in assisting in developing Employment Action plans.

This Course is part of the Wise Online Academy ACRE-certified Employment Specialist Core Training Series.  Read more about the series and ACRE certification by clicking here.  

US Webinar Dates and Times (shown in PST/EST adjust for your time zone)

April 12 – 12 (noon) – 2 pm PST/3-5 pm EST
April 13 – 12 (noon) – 2 pm PST/3-5 pm EST
April 15 – 12 (noon) – 1 pm PST/3-4 pm EST
April 19 – 12 (noon) – 2 pm PST/3-5 pm EST
April 21 – 12 (noon) – 1 pm PST/3-4 pm EST

New Zealand Webinar Dates and Times
April 13 – 9-11 am NZT
April 14 – 9-11 am NZT
April 16 – 9-10 am NZT
April 20 – 9-11 am NZT
April 22 – 9-10 am NZT

The total expected time to complete this course, including offline skill-building activities, is 12 hours.

Cost: $200, may be reimbursable to WA State residents upon successful completion of the course. Please reach out to your DDA County Coordinator to confirm if this option is available.

Space is limited to 100 participants; Registration closes once capacity is reached.

Note: Participation in and earning a certificate of completion for this Course requires: 1) Registering for and using the Wise Online Learning Platform, 2) Attending all 4 webinars and not missing more than one hour for the course and completing assignments outside of course webinar time.

All coursework must be completed within 1 week of the final webinar to earn a certificate.  Unless an approved exception request is granted in advance, if coursework is not completed by the deadline, students would need register, pay and to retake the course to earn a certificate.

Your Training Team:

Image: Circular headshot of Wise Senior Program Manager, Katherine Titus.Katherine Titus, Senior Program Manager, Spokane
Katherine Titus has 18+ years of experience working with individuals who are planning for work. Katherine has worked with individuals, families, Counties, the Developmental Disability Administration, DVR, employers, and schools to promote equity and empowerment in lives, opportunities, and employment for all. Some of the work Katherine is experienced with include facilitating person-centered employment plans, working with service providers and individuals in WA state and North Dakota to expand person Centered Planning practices, training to groups of 40+ on both Person Centered Planning and self-determination. Katherine also works with employers in Spokane who are looking to expand their work force. In addition, Katherine is a part of the event planning team at WISE, working on conferences around the state that provide information to anywhere from 100-1000 people. Katherine’s strengths include supporting individuals through system navigation, person-centered planning, and advocating side-by-side with other advocates. She believes in working at a high level of optimism, discipline, and energy in all areas of life.  Katherine enjoys spending free time with her family and large family of friends, is immersed in college football (Roll Tide) and will jump at any opportunity to travel and see new places.

Image: Circular headshot of Wise Senior Program Manager, Dan Rutten.

Dan Rutten, Senior Program Manager, Seattle

Dan has been working in the field of Supported Employment since 2004 and has worked as a Job Coach, Employment Consultant, and Program Manager. Dan is a Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP) through APSE and received his BA is Social Sciences from the University of Washington. Being a strong believer in the idea that knowledge exists to share, not be kept, Dan enjoys collaborating with people whenever possible. Dan’s professional interests include job coaching and fading supports, environmental adaptations, Person Centered Planning, utilizing goal setting to drive services, as well as program management strategies. Outside of work Dan spends his time collecting records, reading, cooking, and spending time with his family.

Image: Circular headshot of Wise Senior Program Manager, Emily Harris.

Emily Harris, Senior Program Manager, Portland

Emily Harris has had the good fortune to be affiliated with people with disabilities throughout her life. She has experience as an employment consultant and as a Positive Behavior Support consultant with individuals, families, and employment agencies in the Pacific Northwest. She also has international consulting experience with employment agencies across New Zealand. Emily is committed to the concept of inclusion and full participation, and knows that employment is critical to equity. Emily is a primary trainer and the manager for the Oregon Employment Learning Network (OELN), a Person Centered Planning facilitator, and teaches the spring quarter of the Clark County Highline Employment Professional Certificate Program. Emily coordinates the Clark County Family Training Series, and helps to coordinate the Oregon Transformation Voices from the Field video series project. She holds a BS in Arts in Letters with a focus in women studies and English, and is a Certified Employment Professional through APSE. Emily is interested in creative, innovative, low-tech ways to support people to be independent on their jobs. Emily loves music (especially soul and oldies on vinyl), running, spending time with her family, and vintage shopping in small towns.

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