November 16, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Coffee & Conversation:

Feeling Stuck? Start with what you L.A.C.K

Please join us on Monday, November 16th for our next webinar, “Coffee and Conversation” with Josie Sparks and Dan Rutten.

This 6-week series of Coffee and Conversation is an informative virtual, technical assistance forum for service professionals providing Community Inclusion. Every other week we will meet for a 1.5-hour session to connect and learn together. Conversations will include experts on various topics using tools, problem solving, finding and developing new resources and opportunities in a remote and virtual setting. 

Whether you’re providing or receiving services, everyone wants to make progress. The challenge is, sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to move forward or get past a challenge that stands in your way. Although it’s easy to rely on what we have at our disposal, sometimes we need to think about what you L.A.C.K. and how we can approach things differently. In this installment of Coffee and Conversation, join Wise’s Dan Rutten to: 

Learning Objectives (Info, tools, and skills attendees will receive):

  • Learn the L.A.C.K. approach for getting unstuck
  • Apply the concepts to any part of your service journey
  • Begin applying this approach to your relevant situation


*Please note: Wise maintains registration and attendance records for our events and training programs. Attendees that fully participate in events and/or complete training programs will receive a certificate to document  full participation as back up for billing purposes.  Wise is required to monitor participation in our courses and provide reports to our funding sources so that they may utilize these records in the course of their audits of programs. These reports may include actual time spent by attendee name, event/training title, county and state. Reports are provided to ensure there is documented proof of the appropriate use of government funds for the purposes of professional development.

There are no refunds for those that do not attend the scheduled webinar. If you do miss the webinar, we will provide you with a code to access the next webinar free. 

Josie Sparks, Wise

Josie Sparks brings many years of experience leading teams utilizing her interdisciplinary background in Community Inclusion and Individualize Employment. It is her belief that community-based participation honors the experiences that each individual brings to the table, demanding inclusion from the ground up, and in the process, captures community values and encourages dialogue with social justice at heart. This keeps her motivated to deliver quality care and superior client outcomes to experience their full potential.

Josie is passionate about leading teams with the idea that opportunities for employment changes lives and creates a positive impact on the social-emotional health of an individual and the communities they live in. She is also passionate in delivering the message that every person is a contributing factor towards their community. In 2017, Josie Sparks had the pleasure of presenting and facilitating an engaging discussion on Community Inclusion and the Pathway to Employment at the TASH Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

In her personal time, Josie dedicates her time to family and competitive Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Paddling, representing the Pacific NW throughout the United States.

Phone: (206) 247-5482

Email: [email protected]

Dan Rutten, Wise

Dan has been working in the field of Supported Employment since 2004 and has worked as a Job Coach, Employment Consultant, and Program Manager. Dan is a Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP) through APSE and received his BA is Social Sciences from the University of Washington. Being a strong believer in the idea that knowledge exists to share, not be kept, Dan enjoys collaborating with people whenever possible. Dan’s professional interests include job coaching and fading supports, environmental adaptations, Person Centered Planning, utilizing goal setting to drive services, as well as program management strategies. Outside of work Dan spends his time collecting records, reading, cooking, and spending time with his family.


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