June 3, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Vadis, Pearl Room
1701 Elm Street East Sumner
WA 98390
Morgan Cain

Learn how Smart Devices, apps and accessories are introduced to job seekers or those already in community jobs, used to market and introduce people showing possibility and skill sets, assisting people to understand task sequences, be more centered and calm while at work, and use remote supports to answer any questions or offer instant solutions.  Environmental technologies such as the Amazon Alexa or Echo Dot offer ads free supports and use of switches and more to fulfill tasks in the workplace.  Bring your smart phones and tablets with you to the workshop.  Hands on time will be used to learn and hare solutions.

Learn how readily available and everyday objects and tools can be put to use in Low Tech Innovation.  We often overlook the use of everyday objects and tools.  These together with creative ingenuity can make a job site or task possible for someone, especially those experiencing physical disabilities.  Learn and see these solutions and be ready to join in as we fashion solutions together.

Learn about some new and emerging technologies available now but not often considered.  Robotics and more.

Lunch provided.  Please bring your smart phones and any tablets you may have.  Appropriate for beginners as well as those already using technology to support individuals in the workplace.



Marsha Threlkeld, PIVOTAL Consulting and Training


Marsha is a trainer, consultant, presenter, and practitioner related to Person Centered Planning, Employment First, School-to-Work, and Assistive Technologies to include Apple devices and apps to promote independence, connectivity, productivity, and inclusion. She has collaborated with Apple, Inc. to provide trainings and regularly presents on handheld technologies across Washington State and nationally. She is a Subject Matter Expert with the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy, working to move students from school to meaningful jobs in the community. Person Centered Planning has been a backbone of Marsha’s work for more than 25 years after learning from the masters, John O’Brien, Beth Mount, and Debra McLean. Marsha has created booklets to include Career Planning and the IEP, Person Centered Planning Identifying Life Goals, and Plan Your Career and Envision Your Life. She has worked with school communities, students and their teams to adopt individualized, community based, post school employment and life goals, set up community based work experiences, inform families, and change the fabric of transition programs to reflect their communities and connect students to opportunities in employment and community membership. Marsha’s work with individuals in Washington State addresses creating meaningful futures to include work, assessing work conditions to adopt assistive technologies, and introducing changes and technologies to individuals and those closest to them.


Curt Johnson, WATAP

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