June 1, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
This is an online event
Zoom / Webinar
Beth Mckenney

Wise Webinar a Day Series: 

Building Long term supports: Four strategies you can use today!

Please join us on Monday, June 1st for our webinar, Building Long term supports: Four strategies you can use today!” with Ashton Steele, Ashlee Roden, Miranda Fort, and Shaun Wood. 

The field of supported employment knows a lot about training people on-the-job. As our economy starts back up, our expertise in designing tasks and supporting people to be successful for the long-term will be an asset to employers. We will share four tried and true long-term support strategies: Social narratives, visual supports, video supports and self-management. Participants will see examples, discover resources, and leave with step by step instructions on how to design, create and use some of the most effective supports.

Learning Objectives (Info, tools, and skills attendees will receive):

  • Learners will leave with instructions and examples of four effective tools to customize jobs, teach people new things, and create long term supports


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There are no refunds for those that do not attend the scheduled webinar. If you do miss the webinar, we will provide you with a code to access the next webinar free. 

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Ashton Steele

Ashton Steele (she/her) graduated from Washington State University with a B.A. in Speech and Hearing Sciences, in 2008. During her time as an undergrad, Ashton had the opportunity to work at the Speech and Hearing clinic on campus, serving and observing clients from a wide variety of backgrounds within the clinical setting. This experience fueled her interest in supporting individuals with disabilities in a broad setting, within their community. Upon graduating, Ashton secured a job as a job coach for individuals with disabilities within a manufacturing setting. As a result of the 2008/2009 recession, the agency closed down and Ashton took a job working for Ryonet, a local screen print supply company, as a technical support representative. Ashton spent six years at this position, during which time Ryonet became an inclusive employer, hiring on two of Trillium’s clients. Her daily experiences with these clients caused her to seek out a job coaching position again, which led her straight to Trillium. When Ashton is not working, she enjoys screen printing at home, playing music and exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Ashlee Roden

Ashlee Roden (she/her) has been an employee with Trillium since 2015, with 8 months of previous experience exclusively coaching and skill building alongside Trillium clientele. Ashlee has previously worked with persons with disabilities while coordinating extracurricular activities for high school students and as a Teacher’s Assistant to the Special Educations teacher. As an employment consultant, Ashlee has enjoyed supporting clients with reaching their goals and helping businesses diversify the workforce. Ashlee is overjoyed to have found a company that believes strongly in an inclusive community, helping persons with disability gain independence.

Miranda Fort

Miranda Fort (she/her) was born and raised in Carver, Minnesota. She has lived in many states but calls Washington home. She has been with Trillium since September 2017. Prior to coming to Trillium, Miranda worked in the school district in Dubuque, Iowa and for Goodwill providing residential and employment support. Miranda took time off of work to raise three kids, two of whom experience disabilities. She was introduced to Trillium while looking for supports for her daughter and immediately felt a connection to Trillium’s mission statement. In her free time, Miranda enjoys puzzles, hiking, leading Girl Scouts, and starting (and occasionally completing) projects for her home.

Shaun Wood

Shaun is all about jobs! He’s a community developer and has worked to support people with disabilities since 2002. He continues to work in schools, people’s homes, and job sites, helping to build inclusive communities. Shaun is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and a certified Employment Specialist. He served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Eastern Europe, and obtained both his M.Ed. (Applied Behavior Analysis) and B.A. (Political Science/Human Rights) from the University of Washington.

Shaun uses applied behavior analysis, emerging technology, reflective processes, and mentorship to drive employment outcomes. In his current role, he’s available to work in local communities across Washington State and beyond! He has active projects from Alaska to the southwestern U.S. and eastern Canada. Shaun loves languages, and is fluent in Bulgarian with experience in French, Macedonian, Turkish, and Romani (he’s currently studying Spanish). When he isn’t working, he likes to garden, brew espresso, stare into his aquariums, and jog circles around his adopted hometown of Burien, Washington.

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