April 21, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
This is an online event
Zoom / Webinar
Beth Mckenney

Wise Webinar A Day Series: Trauma Informed in the Workplace with Alicia McCoy

Please join us on Tuesday, April 21st for our webinar, Trauma Informed in the Workplace” with Alicia McCoy.


In the face of complex trauma, our brains become hardwired for chronic stress, shaping our habits and actions in very profound, often detrimental, ways. Resulting physiological changes then wreak havoc on our bodies and present a correlation to many common mental health and chronic illness related disabilities that we are faced with today. There are simple everyday habits we can incorporate to aid us and those we serve in regulating problematic stress responses so that they don’t have such a grip on daily living and especially work performance. By bringing awareness to this topic and understanding the basic biologically adaptive reasoning behind troublesome behaviors in ourselves and others, we too, can partner in the efforts to break the sometimes deeply disturbing cycles and side-effects of trauma. 

Learning Objectives (Info, tools, and skills attendees will receive):

  • Giving a name and voice to trauma-related disability experiences
  • Exploring sensory based self-care and regulation tools
  • Demystifying commonly misunderstood communication patterns and attempts to regulate
  • Discussing the underlying genius beneath survival adaptation and how to translate those to creative community and employment niches
  • Setting intentions for incorporating trauma-informed employment support principles into best practices


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There are no refunds for those that do not attend the scheduled webinar. If you do miss the webinar, we will provide you with a code to access the next webinar free. 

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About the trainer:

Alicia McCoy

Alicia McCoy lives in Bellingham, WA and is soon to celebrate her 10th year as an Employment Specialist with Work Opportunities. Alicia openly shares her dual perspective as not just an innovative employment professional, but also as an artist and chronic illness self-advocate on her own healing journey. Alicia was told as a teenager that she would never be capable of holding steady employment. After being impacted by mentors in the field who believed in her, she became passionate about inspiring others to find their niche too. Alicia enjoys helping others build self-awareness, self-advocacy, and independence. She is able to use techniques that she has learnt from addressing her own needs to better develop a supportive environment to help her clients thrive. Through facing and overcoming obstacles in her own life, Alicia sources insight that allows her to build strong, empathetic, and trusting relationships in her work. Some of her other professional interests include: designing low tech accommodations, goal setting, community accessibility, legislative advocacy, public speaking, and art therapy.

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