February 17, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
This is an online event
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Wise Wedesday Webinars:

Empowering You to be a Leader in Creating Inclusive Environments 

with Wandke Consulting

Please join us on Wednesday, February 17 for our webinar, Empowering You to be a Leader in Creating Inclusive Environments“, with Wandke Consulting.

In this webinar session, Empowering You to be a Leader in Creating Inclusive Environments, we will dive into not only why it is important to be aware of and inclusive to the disability community, but how you can begin to do so through the concept of Universal Design. The second half of our webinar is on the disability related Federal laws that may impact your organization, and the best ways that you can begin incorporating these laws into your organization’s practices. We will finish up with best practices for website and Zoom accessibility, so you are able to ensure accessibility to the most people while providing an inclusive experience.

Learning Objectives (Info, tools, and skills attendees will receive):

  • Learn about the disability community.
  • Understand the need as well as the benefit of investing in accessibility and inclusion.
  • Learn the seven principles of Universal Design.
  • Learn strategies to be able to teach and assist a diverse range individuals.
  • Gain knowledge about the disability-related laws that may impact your organization.
  • Learn best practices to incorporate into your web pages to ensure accessibility to the most amount of people.
  • Learn how to incorporate accessibility best practices into your Zoom meetings to provide inclusive experiences.

Do you require an accommodation, materials in alternate format or have inquiries about accessibility in this event? If so, please reach out to [email protected] no later than 5pm Friday prior to this webinar. Due to the short turnaround of our webinar series we are unable to accommodate same day requests. We strive to host inclusive, accessible events that enable all individuals, including individuals with disabilities, to engage fully.

*Please note: Wise maintains registration and attendance records for our events and training programs. Attendees that fully participate in events and/or complete training programs will receive a certificate to document  full participation as back up for billing purposes.  Wise is required to monitor participation in our courses and provide reports to our funding sources so that they may utilize these records in the course of their audits of programs. These reports may include actual time spent by attendee name, event/training title, county and state. Reports are provided to ensure there is documented proof of the appropriate use of government funds for the purposes of professional development.

There are no refunds for those that do not attend the scheduled webinar. If you do miss the webinar, we will provide you with a code to access the next webinar free. 

Wise provides Washington State Educator/Teacher Clock Hours for our webinars. For more information and to request Clock Hours, please click here. 

Daman Wandke

Daman Wandke, MBA, is the Founder and CEO of Wandke Consulting. Beyond his role at Wandke Consulting, Daman is greatly involved in the disability community. As someone living with a disability, Daman applies his unique perspectives on accessibility to create effective consulting practices for organizations aiming to be more inclusive. On top of his life of disability advocacy and entrepreneurship, Daman is an avid traveler and bicyclist.

Kyann Flint

Kyann Flint, Director of Accessibility for Wandke Consulting, is a passionate advocate for the disability community. As a person with a disability, Kyann lives life with the motto of “Defying the Defined Disability.” She strives to educate society on how social barriers, like ignorance and stereotypes, limit the disability community. Kyann is also a lover of coffee and travel. 

Supported employment is rooted in the firm belief that all people deserve respect, dignity, and self-determination.  Here at Wise, we are committed to standing up for and embracing positive changes in policies and practices to stamp out oppression and discrimination in our institutions and systems. We are focused on our mission of inclusion and equitable employment for people with disabilities. With this in mind, we ask that all participants extend respect, humility and grace during our events. We strive to create a learning platform where we all leave with new ways of thinking, doing and moving supported employment forward.
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