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Adult Employment services

Individual Supported Employment Services (IE) are a part of an individual’s pathway to employment and are tailored to individual needs, interests, abilities, and promote career development.   These are individualized services necessary to help persons with developmental disabilities obtain and continue integrated employment at or above the state’s minimum wage in the general workforce.  These services may include intake, discovery, assessment, job preparation job marketing, job supports, record keeping and support to maintain a job.

Kitsap County contracts with the seven following agencies to provide IE Services:  Able Opportunities, Cares of Washington, Easter Seals Washington, Holly Ridge Center, Peninsula Services, Trillium and Vadis.

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Meet some of our customers receiving services…

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Image: Man with short brown hair wearing a Home Depot apron smiles, holding a card in one hand, his other hand on the handle of a Home Depot cart. He is standing in front of lumber.

Customer Service is a Priority for Jeremy at Home Depot

Holly Ridge Builds Innovative Workplace Partnerships

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Katie Realizes Her Potential at Applebees

 Crystal is so excited to finally be back at work at a new job after almost a year of being unemployed!

Corey Becomes a Leader Hops N Drops.

Kaitlin working as the audio and video production specialist. Usually, Kaitlin will take already sorted material and put them on the shelf. Today she is checking the merchandise before she puts it out and she is rocking it!

Hear from our Local Employers:

“Adison is a vital and valued member of the DDA Kitsap FSO team. His day to day work directly impacts and supports case resource managers to ensure quality services and outcomes occur for the clients and families we serve across Kitsap County.”

Anthony Robinson, Kitsap Department of Developmental Disabilities Administration

“ …I am so fortunate to have Adam work in our library. His help enables me to work on lesson planning, finding materials for teachers, and developing our collection and maker space. I don’t want to imagine our library without him.”

Adessa Shields, East Port Orchard Elementary School

“…Daniele knows every person in this building by name, and I see all staff stopping to engage her in conversation when they see her. Staff always comment on how much she brightens their days and that they look forward to seeing her.”

Keri Sieckowski, Kitsap County HR Manager

“…He knows what needs to get done and is on a mission to get it finished. I wish all my employees were as focused as Nick.”

Angela, Wheaton Way Walgreens

Innovative Practices

  • The Work Independence Network (WIN), is a successful recruitment & retention business model  for hiring people with disAbilities developed in partnership between Harrison Medical Center now, CHI Franciscan, Kitsap County Developmental Disabilities, and Able Opportunities, Inc.
  • Kitsap County’s Supported Employment Program utilizes a customized approach to connect individuals with developmental disabilities to county employment.

  • Partners For Work, (PFW) is a Rotary District 5030 project that creates employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities by utilizing Rotarian business leadership as a vital link between job candidates and paid work.

Kitsap county Adult Employment services by The numbers

Adult Employment Services result in earned wages, independence, and community contribution. Local businesses all over Kitsap County support inclusive workforces and hired individuals with disabilities. Data from January 2021 through January 2022 indicate:

Adults receiving employment services (Monthly average)

Million Dollars Earned


Job Seekers Employed

Local Businesses where People are Working

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