Kitsap County, WA

Transition Services

Transition services prepare young adults exiting the public school system to secure meaningful work. Services assist students and their family in building a bridge from high school to adult employment programs. Support is provided to coordinate funding between the Developmental Disabilities Administration and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

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Meet our recent High School Graduates…

Naomi Finds Meaningful work in the Pandemic

Image: Man with short brown hair, black mask, and red shirt looks into the camera. Photo is from chest up.

A Passion for Cars leads Cory to a Job at Autozone

Ashley’s School to Work Journey

Image: Man with black mask and hat folding his arms with his work uniform on. Black and white short sleeve shirt in a maze pattern with a lime green long sleeved shirt underneath.

Donte “Defy’s” Adversity to Acheive Dream Job

Kitsap Transition services Resources

Students exiting high school with the needed skills is critical to their success in transitioning to college, vocational technical school or employment. The following information has been developed to assist students and families as they plan and prepare for this transition, click on the following resources:

To learn about your high school’s transition program and services, click on one of the following links:

South Kitsap School District, Bremerton School District, Central Kitsap School District, North Kitsap School District and Bainbridge Island School District

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