Kitsap county Transition Services

A Passion for Cars leads Cory to a Job at Autozone

Cory was a 2021 School to Work transition student. A month into the School to Work program, Vadis helped Cory obtain a paid position at Ries Tripod in Bremerton. At this unique position, Cory assisted with production of tripods, collected parts from the 3D printers, and used precision tools and machinery.  In May 2021, the pandemic created economic challenges for Reis Tripod, and they were forced to lay Cory off. Undeterred, Vadis worked promptly to find Cory a new job. A month later, in June of 2021, Vadis helped Cory get a job at Autozone in Bremerton! Due to Cory’s interest in automotive and personal experience of working on cars, this is a fantastic fit for both Autozone and Cory. At his new job, Cory provides excellent customer service by helping customers locate auto parts, ringing them up, and installing batteries and wiper blades. Many of the customers and coworkers have noticed and appreciate Cory’s constant positive attitude and professionalism at Autozone!

Image: Vadis Logo. Black lettering with red and yellow triangles for the dot over the "i".
Image: Man with short brown hair, black mask, and red shirt looks into the camera. Photo is from chest up.
Image: Man with brown hair and red shirt looks for an automotive part on the shelf at Autozone. Profile view.
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