Wise Webinar Series: Inclusion in Safety Planning - You're Probably Not as Prepared as You Think

January 4, 2023

2022-23 Wise Webinar Series

Inclusion in Safety Planning - You're Probably Not as Prepared as You Think

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Agencies, businesses, and schools all have boxes to check for safety requirements; however, those boxes might not be keeping us all safe. Join Aaron Dickson as he shares two personal stories of supporting people with disabilities through an active shooter and a false alarm fire drill. Additionally, he’ll share some lessons learned from disabled people who went through 9/11, and what these lessons can teach us all about more inclusive emergency planning.

Learning Objectives:

  • Awareness that most safety requirements are not inclusive of disabled people
  • What can go wrong if emergency plans are not created with inclusion in mind
  • Learning multiple tools that can be used to create more inclusive emergency plans
  • Additional resources to read more on this topic

Aaron Dickson, Casecade Connections

 Before taking on his current role as a Program Coordinator, Aaron worked in many different roles in the field of disability including as an employment specialist, a caregiver, and the assistant camp director at a summer camp for adults with disabilities. He enjoys bringing his array of experiences to those who are newer in the field to support them to reach their full potential. In his current role, Aaron manages a team of employment consultants and specialists, trains staff in CPR and Right Response, and leads Cascade's legislative advocacy efforts to name a few examples. With his knack for organization and helping staff to succeed, he has worked to put together a Youtube channel of trainings for staff, currently approaching 100 videos. Aaron has a double bachelors from Western Washington University in Political Science and French.

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