Wise Webinar Series: Journey of Possibilities: My Path from high School to the World of Employment

December 21, 2022

2022-23 Wise Webinar Series

Learning from Our Best Teachers

Journey of Possibilities: My Path from high School to the World of Employment

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This presentation is part of the Wise series of trainings titled “Learning from Our Best Teachers; Individuals with Disabilities". Tyler Talcott has worked as an IT Assistant at Wise for 10 years now. He will share his journey from high school, transition to fulltime employment. He will relate the skills, both technical and social, that led to his success and the people who helped him on his journey. Participants will gain insight on how to support individuals on their paths to success. The webinar is again moderated by Chuy Campuzano, a Consultant/Trainer from Chicago Illinois.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the Journey of one person, the barriers, and possibilities, from transition to employment and becoming a contributing member of the community.
  • Understand the importance of developing a way to communicate and how one person came out of his shell and began feeling more comfortable in social situations, learning new skills, and speaking out.
  • Learn how mentors, support staff,  family and coworkers can assist a person on their journey.
  • Gain some insight on how to support a person in gaining independence and insights to encourage persons with disabilities to be open to possibilities.



Jesus Chuy Campuzano

 Jesus Chuy Campuzano was born and raised in Chicago Illinois where he still resides. Growing up in Chicago he went through the special education system. After graduating he never received services from the Illinois Council of Developmental Disabilities as he was unaware and uninterested in long term services. Chuy was ashamed and felt isolated with his disability. Fortunately, he joined Access Living, a Disability Rights Organization in 2008 where he met Curtis Harris. He began to learn about individuals with all types of disabilities and to accept them. This led to Chuy becoming a leader in the advocacy community.

Chuy is a member of the Going Home Coalition and chairs the leadership committee. As a member of the WOW team Chuy plans and co-hosts the meetings and created the WOW Facebook Group. Chuy is a regular presenter at the Speak Up Speak Out Summit. His project “Dis Life …An historical perspective of Lives that matter” has allowed him to conduct numerous interviews with individuals in the disability community. Chuy believes that getting to know individuals and their strengths will lead to better outcomes in life. Everyone should be treated with respect and dignity!

Tyler Talcott, Wise

Tyler joined Wise in the summer of 2012 as an IT Assistant while he attended Highline Community College and The Outreach Program (TOP). He is a handy addition to the office staff and takes care of ordering supplies, fixing computers, helping co-workers on their projects, and editing videos. Tyler is responsible for Wise’s content on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, including transcribing the audio for captioning videos and running the on-demand training website (Wise Learning Center). He enjoys chatting with people in the office and learning new computer programs that he can use for his job.

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