Wise Webinar Series: Sorting Out the Facts and Fiction of Fading Part 2: Fading Plans and Problem Solving

March 27, 2023

2022-2023 Wise Webinar Series

  Sorting Out the Facts and Fiction of Fading Part 2:

Fading Plans and Problem Solving

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Through fading, the source of prompts is transferred from the employment consultant to other cues within the workplace. A fading plan is a useful tool to communicate fading strategies when working with employees on the job. Join Aimee Nelson to learn what a fading plan is, what should be included in one and how to use one for successful fading.

Learning Objectives

  • Audience members will be to define fading
  • Audience members will be able to explain the employment consultant role in fading
  • Audience members will be able to utilize fading assistance to enhance employee independence
  • Audience members will be able to list the components of a fading plan

    Aimee Nelson

 Aimee Nelson

Learning and Development Manager at Trillium Employment Services

Aimee Nelson has been working with people with disabilities throughout her career and specifically focused on supported employment since 1998. Her passion to promote inclusive communities and employment opportunities has helped her build quality jobs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Aimee has extensive experience providing individualized support that includes identifying strengths, preferences and motivators that guide job development; designing tasks and learning environments to accommodate learning styles; utilizing systematic instruction to teach new and complex tasks; developing self-management strategies to promote independence; and troubleshooting performance issues including speed, accuracy, and employability skills.

In addition, Aimee teaches for the Washington Online Academy with a focus on Systematic Instruction; provides staff training in employment settings across the state; and is a certified Right Response instructor.

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