Ryan Farrow

Program Manager

Ryan has worked as a consultant, job coach, and job developer. His assistive technology background is fueled by an enthusiasm in finding both high-tech and low-tech interventions to support people in their independence― both on and off the job. This includes providing technical assistance to help employment specialists in setting up worksite accommodations and building natural supports. He has presented at many assistive technology conferences and trainings where he has offered his knowledge on topics such as video resume creation, assistive mobile apps, and iOS native accessibility features. He has facilitated Apple Accessibility Workshops at Apple stores both in Oregon and Washington, which focus on training individuals supporting people with disabilities. As someone who enjoys education and training, he has served as a teacher’s assistant for Highline Community College certificate program for employment specialists, and is a member of the Clark County iPad Cohort Leadership Team. Ryan recently obtained a Certificate in Advanced Professional Development for Assistive Technology Applications from California State University, Northridge. He is passionate about supporting people and programs to be empowered by their potential to build individual and organizational capacity.

Phone: 503-799-6926

Email: [email protected]