Stephen Eyman

Program Manager

Stephen grew up in a home where the disability experience was an everyday part of the family tapestry. Because of this, he has a deep desire to see people and their families thrive. He is especially interested in transcending communication differences to make profound inclusion possible. Home-sign was a common language in his childhood, and this love of linguistic diversity expanded when he studied Spanish Language at Whitworth University. Stephen strives to think outside the box to support people to achieve fullness of life and equity, and he sees employment as a valuable tool to achieve this goal. He also works with the theme of Community Inclusion as a pathway to opportunity and employment. He believes there is still so much valuable work to be done to support people of all backgrounds and communication styles to be truly included at all levels. He is passionate about person-centered planning and the dynamic possibilities that come out of actively organizing around a person’s goals to achieve the previously unimaginable. He has also had the opportunity to work with university students to implement innovative approaches to transition, and he has previous experience working internationally as an educator and Fulbright ETA grant recipient. He considers himself a life-long learner, and several topics about which he would be happy to hear perspective from absolutely anyone are: accessible higher education, international collaboration, universal design, public policy, neurodiversity, creative communication strategies, and cultural and linguistic competence. He is based in the beautiful city of Spokane, WA.hen sees great opportunity in sibling education, and recognizes 

Phone: 509-216-9079