Emily Nguyen

Wise Buddy


Image: Circular headshot of Emily Nguyen, an Asian American woman with dark hair, brown eyes, smiling and wearing as multi-colored scarf standing in front of a stone wall and trees.Emily Nguyen is a third-year student at SPU where she is majoring in Nursing, minoring in music and psychology. At SPU, she is also a Wesleyan Small Group leader where she meets with students once a week to talk about their faith,. She is also the vice-president of the Asian American Student Association club. She loves to meet new people as much as she can especially during the pandemic and be there for others the best she can. Growing up, she has worked with students of all ages in classroom settings, orchestra, church and in the swim pool as a swim instructor. Emily is the first generation of her family to be born in the U.S since her parents came over as refugees during the Vietnam war. She loves the Vietnamese culture (mainly the food), and she enjoys spending time with her family and relatives, especially when they travel. She is very excited to meet and work with everyone in the program this year.

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