Jaden Dang

Wise Buddy


Image: Headshot photo of an Asian American man with dark hair, brown eyes, wearing a black sport coat with a black shirt. The background is overlooking a neighborhood in Seattle.

Jaden Dang just recently moved to Seattle and is currently a sophomore at Seattle Pacific University, currently majoring in Biology. He was drawn to this work-study opportunity because it is a wonderful way to interact with students and young adults with developmental disabilities. This opportunity will help develop valuable skills that will not only help mature him but also help learn how to help cater to people’s needs. Upon graduating, Jaden hopes to pursue a career in researching cell biology that will explore the DNA genes of viruses and contribute to developing a vaccine and cure for it.

Jaden was born and raised in Hong Kong, who’s parents are ethnically Chinese but were raised in the States since young. He loves to eat all sorts of food, especially Chinese cuisine because it almost feels like home, and loves to drink boba tea. His other interests are also finding good places to eat in Seattle.

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