Anya Annear

Workstudy Student – SPU

Anya is a freshman at SPU, with an intended degree of Bachelor’s of Art in Communications, with a minor in Russian. She became interested in being apart of Wise’s Work Study program for experience and leadership skills. Wise is a great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, partnering with another person to better their experience in a job arena. This is an exceptional opportunity to invest in people (or just a person) learning new skills to make them a better employee.

She is passionate about working with people. Through professional relationships, team building is one of the most effective ways to learn and grow, which is why this is so exciting to have this opportunity. One example she has found in her life that helped to her succeed was to set a goal. She simply set up a time frame to accomplish the goal, with little goals in between. After three months of consistency she  ran her first half marathon!

Dallas, Oregon has always been home base for her family. She lived overseas for seven and half years doing mission work in Kyrgyzstan with her family. Other leadership positions include being a youth leader, a camp counselor, and a young entrepreneur with her own bread making business.  Her interests include running, exploring, hiking, hanging out with friends, and traveling.