Emily French

Emily French is a Washington State University Vancouver, Psychology and Human Development Major. She currently works with youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities at a local high school, and has really enjoyed the work thus far. She has had the opportunity to work with lower and upperclassman, along with some amazing teachers. Wise particularly interested her because of what they stand for and the supported employment they offer. Working with children/youth is something she has always been passionate about. Human services is her overall passion, and she intends on making a career out of it one day. A happy and healthy job environment is very important to her personally, and she intends to facilitate that for those around her when it comes to the youth she coaches. She has lived in Vancouver for just over a year, but is from a small town located right off the Puget Sound. She likes to spend time with her family, hiking, snowboarding, surfing, and reading when she has the time. Being outside and advocating for people is her jam!