In the world of autism and employment, there are a few industries that have become synonymous with autistics (i.e. technology, custodial, office work.)  Please join me for my webinar: Thinking Outside the Tech Box: Placing Autistics into Professions Outside the Norm. My name is Carl Peterson and we will be looking at several different examples within industries not typically associated with employment for autistics. In this engaging webinar I will share a variety of examples of examples in a range of industries, and discuss how neuro-diverse individuals can be a boon for each industry. This webinar will discuss how job developers/employment specialists can be at the forefront of developing advantageous alliances in a myriad of industries currently not associated with the employment of autistics.  This webinar will also address the value of language and look at both Person First and Identity First language.  See you on March 14, 2018!

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