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Wise is so pleased to announce that Wednesday Webinars are back!  In partnership with the Washington State Developmental Disability Administration, Wise will be hosting webinars most Wednesdays for the foreseeable future, and at no cost to you!  As always, we will be announcing the webinars in our Thursday email announcements, on the Wise website under the training tab, and website training calendar.  We look forward to hosting partners, consultants, advocates, and new faces with innovative ideas! These are one-hour events on Wednesdays from 12pm-1pm.  As usual, we will be adding recordings of these events to our Wise Learning Center.  Make sure to stay tuned for the event announcements and we look forward to seeing you! 

Upcoming Sessions

Learning from Our Best Teachers: Let Me Teach You How to Train

Part 1

This presentation is part of the series of trainings titled “Learning from our Best Teachers, Individuals with Disabilities”. This training will explore the importance of good training for success on the job and in all aspects of life.  In Part 1, David Dartt, with the help of Mindy Pecilj, showed us how to design a task and the importance of a positive trainer/learner relationship.

Both sessions will again be moderated by Chuy Campuzano, a consultant from Chicago Illinois, who has lived through some bad training. This webinar is the second part of a series but also stands on its own in giving information to help you become better teacher/trainers.

Interested in learning more?

For more information, please reach out to [email protected] or fill out our contact form.

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