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Due to changes brought about by the current Stay-at-Home order in Washington and other states due to Covid-19, Wise has shifted its Webinar Series from a monthly format to daily offerings. See below for session info & registration!

Introducing the Wise Webinar-a-Day Series!

In partnership with WA State Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and Washington State Counties, Wise is offering online professional training for employment agency personnel in Washington State.

These courses are free for Washington State residents ONLY, sponsored by DDA and Washington State Counties. FOR WA RESIDENTS ONLY – Use the promo code WASTATE to sign up now.

For residents of other states/countries, the courses remain open with course fees listed within registration.

Upcoming Sessions

6/1 – 6/4

Please note that the Webinar a Day project will no longer hold events on Fridays, starting on May 22nd.

Wednesday 6/3

It’s Not Just About Saying “No”; Proactive and Person-Centered

We can and should expect people to seek romantic relationships and express their sexuality.  And when they do, it’s important to understand how to balance safety with empowerment.  In this training we will discuss how to teach people to make informed decisions about their relationships and sexuality.  We will also explore practical skills for supporting the sexuality of the individuals you support (from children to adults); and you will build a foundation of proactive, preventative strategies to use with people you work with.

Trainer Shanya Luther

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 Thursday 6/4

Leveraging Culture to Enhance Services for Minorities with Disabilities

This session will allow provider staff and other direct support professionals to learn about supporting minorities with disabilities holistically. By helping support staff better understand the intricacies of a person’s culture and how to leverage the uniqueness of every person supported by taking diversity into consideration when service planning.

Trainer Amy Gonzalez

Monday 6/8

Student Portfolios; Turn student experiences into effective marketing tools

The field of supported employment knows a lot about training people on-the-job. As our economy starts back up, our expertise in designing tasks and supporting people to be successful for the long-term will be an asset to employers. We will share four tried and true long-term support strategies: Social narratives, visual supports, video supports and self-management. Participants will see examples, discover resources, and leave with step by step instructions on how to design, create and use some of the most effective supports.

Trainers Debbie Moore, Casey Serquinia, & Rawna Hamann.

 Tuesday 6/9

Disability Justice 101 for Navigating Turbulent Times

This session will outline disability justice and discuss the current and potential intersectional impacts on disabled Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), and trans and non-binary folks. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of the differences and connections between disability rights (ADA) and disability justice, and provide interpersonal information and tools on how to support clients, current and future employees, and peers. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to sharpen their analysis on these topics.

Trainer ChrisTiana Sumner

Wednesday 6/10

Job foundations Pilot/Value Based Payment Kickoff

This is the kickoff for Job Foundation Pilot. The Job Foundation is an effort to engage students earlier in targeted employment planning and connection to the adult service system. Community-based employment providers will use their expertise to gather important foundational information about skills and supports needed for a job. They will work in partnership with school staff to leverage vocational, academic, and life skill preparation being done in the schools on behalf of the individual student. The intent is that with a completed Job Foundation, a student and their team will have an actionable next step for employment.

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 Thursday 6/11

Finding a Path to Healing Through Service

It seems every day we are coming to realize the amount of trauma surrounding us… and the many of us who have experienced it in physical, emotional, medical, and situational forms.  A myriad of therapies is now available but most focus on “moving on”, which is a long-shot for far too many of us. Instead it seems far better to find ways to acknowledge our histories, our incredible strengths and gifts, and find ways to “live on”.  For many, this means choosing a life of service to others… to be true Service Warriors. Come join us as we celebrate all those among us who have walked through some true fires in life and who have found their healing in giving back…helping to re-define themselves & sometimes live even more fully than ever imagined!

Trainer Rosa McAllister

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