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We specialize in innovative training and technical assistance to ensure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are a vital part of the workforce.

What We Do

Who We Serve

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Connecting employers and employees in a supported environment.
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Employment Agencies

Businesses and employees co-create around the abilities available in a supported environment.
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Job Candidates

Wise offers consultation and technical assistance to people who are seeking/maintaining employment, but need assistance to move beyond a specific barrier.
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Government Partners

By partnering with government agencies we enhance the environment of supported employment.

At Wise, we believe in making it work.

Upcoming Events

Avoiding the Volunteer Trap: Labor Rules and Regulations for Unpaid Work Experiences

Every year, we get asked if we will be running this Webinar again...well, this year we are!! Join Susan Harrell from Wise as she discusses rules, regulations, best practices, and how to get the most out of unpaid work experiences without getting stuck in the Volunteer...
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Building a Portrait of Competence: Using Person Centered Planning to Develop a Comprehensive Vision for Employment

In the last Webinar of the 2017-18 Series, Debra McLean will discuss how to collect specific information about a job seeker from people who know and care about them utilizing a person centered planning process. This information becomes the foundation for job match,...
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Community Summit 2018: Click Forward, Refresh, Connect, and Evolve

Registration is now open !! Community Summit 2018: Click Forward, Connect, Refresh, and Evolve! June 12 - 14, 2018 Register...
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2018 Washington State Assistive Technology Expo

  The 2018 Washington State Assistive Technology Expo will be featured at Community Summit 2018: Click Forward, Refresh, Connect, Evolve in Wenatchee, WA! More details on The Community Summit here...
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