Plan to Placement Cohort

The Plan to Placement Cohort is a 6 session series designed to strengthen a group of Supported Employment Providers through coaching/mentoring to skillfully gather Person-Centered Employment Planning information to assist job seekers in obtaining Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) that fits their skills and desired needs.

This Course Series is now approved for CESP Continuing Education Credits.


  • Define and outline steps to gather Person-Centered Employment Plan information, utilize tools created within the cohort for practicum/homework activities
  • Have a toolkit of strategies and resources for Person Centered thinking and Job Development
  • Describe how to utilize Person-Centered information for successful job development 
  • Gather Person-Centered information on at least two job seekers 
  • Develop Job Seeker Employment Resource Tool


  • The series is offered over in 6 sessions over 12 weeks
  • 5-6 participants will be asked to bring a job seeker who they are currently serving to the first two sessions
  • Cost of the series is $750. 


The first two sessions of the Plan to Placement Cohort Series will walk participants through a person-centered employment planning process alongside job seekers chosen by participants. The following four sessions will weave in job development techniques for the job seekers who are currently in job development services. During each session, we will reflect on how to apply the techniques to specific steps on behalf of each job seeker. The goal of this process is that job seekers will be close to placement by the end of the series. Participants time in this cohort can be considered part of the job development process.

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