Recruit, Cultivate & Retain

Recruit, Cultivate and Retain (RCR), is a new leadership series designed for mid-level managers working in employment and community inclusion service provider agencies. By joining RCR, you will have the opportunity to work with a range of program managers to re-energize, create solutions to complex problems and share expertise.  


  • Connect with other leaders that are managing employment and day services
  • Deepen and develop relationships across organizations in your community 
  • Explore strategies for recruiting and developing talent to meet the needs of the current staffing shortages 
  • Continue to build on a rich history of best practices in Washington State employment and community inclusion service delivery 
  • Sharpen your understanding of day services culture and your leadership strengths  


  • The series is offered over in 4 sessions
  • Cost of the series is $750 and includes access to the Wise Learning Center

In order to provide some flexibility for scheduling, we are offering the RCR series 2 times during the fiscal year.  We ask that you consider the following criteria when selecting your preferred Series:  

  • You’ll need to be able to attend the first session  
  • If you must miss a session during the series, we would prefer that you have someone identified that will fill in for you so that there is continuity for your organization 
  • Assume that you’ll have approximately 1 hour of homework between each session 

    Upcoming Series Dates:

    The Spring series is ongoing. Stay tuned for future dates!

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