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The Wise Online Academy 200 Series has been ACRE approved as Professional level for Achievement in Employment Services with an emphasis in Customized Employment! Wise now offers the only ACRE endorsed Professional Customized Employment Training in the U.S.

The WOA 200 Series is an advanced level training program, which will provide an intensive course of study guided by a professional mentor and participation in student cohorts. Participants will learn and network with employment professionals from around the U.S. throughout the 6-month program.
The program is intended for employment professionals who have some experience and training in the field and wish to continue to develop their skills to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to gain employment and become contributing members of their communities.


  • Closed
  • $2,500 per student to register

Contact Jenny Crook, [email protected], for registration and program information

 Program Logistics:

  • The series is offered in 3 sequential 6-week courses
  • Coursework is a mix of live Class and Cohort sessions, on-demand modules, and assignments to be completed outside of class.
  • Participant commitment is about 15 hours per month.


Student Testimonials

The homework assignments were all very engaging and helpful learning experiences. I got a lot out of when the whole class was able to problem solve about a client or employer issue – all the different perspectives were really helpful.


I feel we can always be learning and growing and networking is a great way to do that. I find the course to be something that moves employment workers ahead.


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