Inclusive Hiring

Grow your workforce, build diversity, and foster inclusion in your community through Inclusive Hiring practices 

Inclusive Hiring brings real benefits to many businesses such as increased efficiency, strong teams, and improved customer loyalty. By customizing positions for people of all abilities, you can tap into a loyal and growing pool of employees proven to have top retention and performance rates. Visualize the benefits and get answers to many common questions through the video shorts below.


Engaging your Community: How a Supported Employee Can Help

In a small community, supported employment can raise your visibility. Check out Jacob's story to learn more!

Inclusive Hiring: Streamlining Supported Employment Integration for Large Unionized Businesses

Hear from the perspective of the Human Resource department about their experience of integrating Supported Employment into their hiring processes especially for large unionized businesses.


Austin's Story of Success: Rise, rise, rise!

Learn how Austin's can-do attitude impacts every part of his work as a member of the Common Reset Team at CBRE at Microsoft.

Empowering Growth: How a Job Coach Facilitates Skill Development

Job coaches are provided at no cost to businesses, and work on-site and as long as needed to acclimate supported employees into the workflow of your business.


Cultivating Diversity: The Ripple Effect of an Inclusive Work Environment

Learn about the ripple effect of an inclusive work environment and culture and how it impacts employee and organizational success.

Thriving in Supported Employment

Explore four success stories of individuals with disabilities thriving in supported employment, showcasing their exceptional skills, dedication, and the value they bring as model employees.


DEI Champions: Leveraging Existing Leaders to Drive Supported Employment Initiatives in Your Business

Hear from Ryan Farrow from Nike about the power of leveraging existing leaders within the business to further the progress of supported employment initiatives in your business.

Strengthening Communities: The Impact of Inclusive Employment

Learn how inclusive employment creates a positive impact on the entire community.

Supported Employment: How will this impact my Diversity Efforts?

Learn how embracing a diverse workforce boosts innovation and productivity for your business.

Unlocking Profitability: Embracing a Diverse Workforce Can Boost Productivity

Learn about the impact of a diverse workforce to include individuals with disabilities.


Guiding Success: The Transformative Power of a Job Coach

This video outlines how a skilled job coach empowers individuals to thrive in their careers, one step at a time.

Inclusive Interviews: Simple Adjustments that Can Lead to a Big Impact

Learn how simple adjustments to the interview process can open doors for people with disabilities to showcase their strengths and abilities to thrive in the workplace.

Tailoring Success: Collaborating with Employment Professionals

Discover the collaborative process of working with an employment professional to customize a position, ensuring it aligns with the unique strengths and skills of the job candidate.


Dispelling Myths: Addressing Liability Concerns

Hear from John Mark, Operations Manager at Dorian Studios as he shares about some of his initial concerns about hiring Dan and how he discovered that business operations remained smooth and unaffected.

Job Coach Support: Fostering a Supportive Environment

Learn how the ongoing and targeted support from a job coach can foster a supportive work environment and empower both the employer and employee to feel more confident.

Optimal Fit: Right Employee, Right Position

Learn how the right job fit for the right person can have a great impact on the organization as well as the employee's quality of life.

Finding the right employees is vital for business success, and Wise can help. Our resources offer a comprehensive approach to hiring, from job postings to candidate interviews. With our team’s extensive experience, we provide valuable insights that can help you save time and money, reduce turnover rates and find the perfect candidate. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures access to a diverse pool of qualified candidates.   

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