PBSS: Positive Behavior Support Specialization

This 5-month virtual course provides Employment Professionals the unique opportunity to learn how to be Positive Behavior Support Specialists for their agencies and others. Providers who complete this training are prepared to consult, train, and support other community-based providers with PBS principles. This course is all about giving participants what they need to feel comfortable growing into leadership and mentoring roles in their community, and we work with each person to build a personalized path to reaching their goals.

The cost of this course is $5,500.

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Reach out to Shaun Wood, [email protected].

This training provides students with foundations of Positive Behavior Support and practicum experiences to equip them to support their customers and other employment consultants in:
  • Behavioral measurement and assessment to provide timely support to staff with behavioral support in worksite and out in community settings
  • Report writing to adapt or produce simple PBS plans specific to employment supports 
  • Consultation skills so they can be available for follow-up to ensure success in implementing supports 
  • Training skills so they can help build staff capacity 
  • Ethical frameworks so that they understand their scope of practice and how and when to ask for additional support 

Student Time commitment for 5-month course: Approximately 4 hours per week.

  • Up to 22 hours of On-demand content and live discussion
  • Up to 48 hours of hands-on practicum (time spent ON CASELOAD, during normal work hours) 
  • Up to 10 hours of coaching from instructor (time spent ON CASELOAD, during normal work hours) 
Students are required to have at least one year’s experience in adult disability services. Relevant experience in other services or education may be substituted for this requirement.
After registration, all prospective students are required to meet with the instructor for a 15 minute orientation as a final step in registration. Instructor will contact you after registration

“I loved the strong emphasis on ethics in this course and appreciated how we looked at PBS through a lens that focused on the ethics of PBS. This course has taught me how to support a huge variety of people with different barriers and has taught me how to really see things from the perspective of the people I serve. I’ve learned how crucial it is to be person centered from this course.”

“The ‘ultimate benefit’ of taking this course is that it has made me better at coaching my clients. I feel like I was already a good coach, but with the in-depth training of this PBS course I have been able to implement the knowledge that I have learned to better support all of my clients.”

I have gained leadership skills and consultation skills that I didn’t have before. I feel confident in my ability to support my peers with brainstorming new solutions to help their clients get past barriers. Learning about motivational interviewing was particularly helpful for me with learning these skills. I also feel like I can make a variety of tools for my clients (and even for me) as well. Before taking this course I’ve only made some task lists and now I am always thinking of new tools for the people I support.”