WA State DDA Online Courses


Wise offers high quality on-demand trainings hosted by the LITMOS Learning Management System and required by Washington State DDA. These trainings will give you the information you need to become proficient in your work and meet certification requirements. 



WA State Community Protection

0.25 hour(s) WA State Policy 15.03: Community Protection.

(Required by Policy 6.13)[uji_popup class=”CommunityProtection” id=”1160″]



WA State Client Rights 

1 hour(s) Washington State DDA Policy 5.06: Client Rights.

(Required by Policy 6.13)[uji_popup class=”ClientRights” id=”1652″]




Positive Behavior Supports

1 hour(s) WA State Policy 5.14: Positive Behavior Supports.

(Required by Policy 6.13)[uji_popup class=”ClientRights” id=”1654″]



WA State Mandated Reporting

0.5 hour(s) WA State DDA 6.08: Mandated Reporting.

(Requried by Policy 6.13)[uji_popup class=”MandatingReporting” id=”1655″]



WA State County Guidlines

0.3 hour(s) WA State DDA policy 6.13CG: County Guidelines.

(Required by Policy 6.13)[uji_popup class=”CountyGuidelines” id=”1656″]




Employment Service Plans

0.5 hour(s) WA State DDA policy 6.13ESP: Employment Service Plans.

(Required by Policy 6.13)[uji_popup class=”EmploymentServicePlans” id=”1660″]



Community Access Service Plans

0.3 hour(s) WA State DDA policy 6.13CSP: Community Access Service Plans.

(Required by Policy 6.13)[uji_popup class=”CommunityAccess” id=”1657″]