Washington State Community Inclusion Capacity Building Project

The purpose of the Community Inclusion (CI) Capacity Building Project is to launch Community Inclusion Bootcamps and support/develop a statewide network of CI professionals and programs that will demonstrate emerging best practices in CI services.

Who Should Attend?

Agencies will be represented by staff who are directly providing community inclusion services, or concurrent services as well as a QA staff person. Agencies will be asked to bring one person with I/DD and the individual’s team of support to the first day of the workshop. Participants and their teams will engage in group person-centered planning to act as a catalyst for the workshop.

Participants will Get:

  • Pre-Bootcamp training and potential ability to bring someone they support to the event and receive a person-centered CI plan
  • Attendance at the 3 day Bootcamp (22 hrs of training)
  • Engagement in a monthly statewide Cohort collaborating through Basecamp and Zoom meetings for 12 months. The statewide integration will allow attendees to share resources, experiences and develop a robust statewide network of Community Inclusion professionals. Participants will apply what they are learning to their CI caseloads and receive support and share what they’re learning with their cohort colleagues. Included in the cohort will be instruction and support to develop online portfolios for their clients. Wise will also offer a consistent weekly schedule of office hours for individual follow-up and TA needs (up to 60 hrs support, training, and technical assistance).

Bootcamp Description

The Community Inclusion Bootcamp is a 3-day skills-based deep dive into person-centered planning, community mapping/informational interviewing, and proposal/plan development. Emphasis will be on assisting people and their teams to define their vision for greater community inclusion, explore the community for possibilities, and develop plans to achieve the vision, with an eye toward continuous improvement. Throughout the process and during cohort sessions, students will learn to develop portfolios (low and high tech/online portraits of competence).

Cost: $2000 per participant

*Please note, We only have space for a minimum of 15 and maximum of 25 attendees per location. Applicants who are selected will be notified, and additional event details will be provided.

Meet the Trainers

Jim Corey

Jim Corey

Program Development Director, Wise

Debra McLean

Debra McLean

Wise Associate

Katherine Titus

Katherine Titus

Senior Training & Technical Assistance Manager, Wise