Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to state governmental departments, community employment agencies, schools, employers, families and individuals to build the capacity of each sector to support employment in community businesses for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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We’re working with employers to create a high level of workability in the world of supported employment.

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Individuals & Families

Wise offers consultation and technical assistance to people who are seeking/maintaining employment, but need assistance to move beyond a specific barrier. Services are individualized to meet the unique circumstances of the situation, and often involve a consultant with expertise in the particular accommodation or skill.

Employment Agencies

We provide training and technical assistance to employment agencies to build the capacity of their organizations to create competitive integrated employment opportunities in community businesses for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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Government Partners

We work with government partners to develop strategies for improving employment outcomes for people with significant disabilities. This includes considerations in policy development, understanding the needs of stakeholders within the disability community, and assuring that individuals, families and professionals providing employment services are able to effectively access needed resource to achieve employment outcomes.

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