Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to state governmental departments, community employment agencies, schools, employers, families and individuals to build the capacity of each sector to support employment in community businesses for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Get answers about public benefits at Whether you’d like to explore our training content on your own, or get help from a Certified Benefits Planner, we can connect you with the information you need.

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ES Coach

We work with government partners to develop strategies for improving employment outcomes for people with significant disabilities. This includes considerations in policy development, understanding the needs of stakeholders within the disability community, and assuring that individuals, families and professionals providing employment services are able to effectively access needed resource to achieve employment outcomes.

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Event Services

WISE offers full-service event planning with personalized packages to meet your event requirements.Our skilled, successful and enthusiastic event planners have the professionalism and experience needed to produce events from conception through completion of any size.

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Individual & Family (ITA)

Wise offers consultation and technical assistance to people who are seeking/maintaining employment, but need assistance to move beyond a specific barrier. Services are individualized to meet the unique circumstances of the situation, and often involve a consultant with expertise in the particular accommodation or skill.

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Investment in the Field

We are pleased to announce a second round of Investment in the Field Projects starting January 2023. This project is comprised of three different opportunities to build capacity of WA state agencies.

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Person-Centered Planning

Wise’s Person Centered Planning is a service in which an experienced Plan Facilitator collaborates with an individual and their chosen team to map out a pathway to a desired future and job.

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School to Work and Transition

Across the Pacific Northwest, school districts, the State Departments of Vocational Rehabilitation and Developmental Disabilities, and local counties collaborate to assist students in finding competitive integrated employment as they transition from High School to the workforce. This section provides information and materials that will help parents, students and teachers in making this transition as smoothly as possible.

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