Person Centered Planning

Wise’s Person Centered Planning is a service in which an experienced Plan Facilitator collaborates with an individual and their chosen team to map out a pathway to a desired future and job. This process works in conjunction with the services an individual receives and uses the collective wisdom of a team of people who know, like, and believe in the person to identify their strengths, gifts, and capacities to develop next steps that will move them toward the future they want. Person Centered Planning can vary in length and number of times that the team meets based on the needs of that specific person, but ideally lets the plan recipient drive the process and determine what their future will look like.

Please view this graphic for a visual outline of the typical Person Centered Planning process. 


Meet the Facilitators!

Image: Headshot of Jim Corey in a circular crop

Jim Corey

Program Development Director

Photograph: Headshot of Emily Harris, a white woman with brown hair.

Emily Harris

Senior Training & TA Manager

Photograph: Headshot of Chisa O'Quinn, a black woman with short hair.

Chisa O'Quinn

Senior Training & TA Manager

Photograph: Headshot of Dan Rutten, a white man with dark brown hair, glasses, and short beard.

Dan Rutten

Senior Training & TA Manager

Photograph: Circular headshot of Wise Senior Training & TA Manager, Katherine Titus.

Katherine Titus

Senior Training & TA Manager

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