Investment in the Field

*Application and approval by a county is required for participation

Equity and Diversity Video Storytelling

The Equity and Diversity Videos Project results in the development of stories up to approximately 10 minutes maximum length, creating content which can be utilized in whole or part for provider social media, training, employer outreach, and other avenues of promoting employment and inclusion statewide.

Priority will be given to proposed stories which feature Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), rural, or other historically marginalized or under-served communities and community members. 

Organizations wishing to participate will receive training and support to assist them in capturing content related to employment and community inclusion.

Video Compilation

Organizational Development: Customized Training Systems

 The Organizational Development-Training Systems Project offers organizations the ability to use the Wise Learning Center to customize and self-manage their own training program content and tracking. 

This project aims to foster collaboration, resource sharing, and development of innovative methods for training of staff in the supported employment and community inclusion fields. 

Language Access: Tools, Training and Translation

The Language Access Project provides technology and training to participating organizations to allow for accurate and effective language access. The Language Access Project will allow for more diversity in staffing and customer service through low-cost and readily available access to language translation. 

Participating organizations will receive an artificial intelligence device called an Instant Language Assistant (ILA) to utilize for language translation. An ILA device allows for real time conversations with instant translation and transcribing of over 250 languages including American Sign Language.

For additional information about Capacity Building options, contact Robyn Slocom, [email protected]