Jeff Grace

Featured Presenter

Image: Jeff Grace, a white man with dark-rimmed glasses and gray hair wearing a light blue vest over a dark shirt, smiles.
Jeff Grace has been a community activist for disability rights since the late 70’s when he hopped a flight to Florida to protest the unjust treatment of people living in ‘Sunlands’ State Institution. From that early exposure grew an active, passionate desire to effect change, no matter the cost or commitment required of him. Jeff’s own journey through life has only strengthened and reinforced his belief in the individual right to choose, even when the choice is not ‘good’, or leads to failure.  Believing that if you risk nothing, then what have you earned? Jeff has worked for WA State DDA for over 35 years, starting in the mailroom, to his current position of Community Liaison working with community partners and schools to provide outreach services to children and families new to the system.