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Infant Toddler Program –

Early Intervention Services

Meet Infant Toddler Program graduate Leo…

“…..  Holly Ridge equipped us with practical, useful tools we needed to help Leo communicate and feel like we understood him. His tantrums became rarer, and he became a much happier toddler.” –  Leo’s Mom, Kendall  


Early intervention is a system of comprehensive services a family may need for their infant or toddler who has developmental delays and/or disabilities. It is designed to meet the individual needs of each child and family and enhance a child’s development in a variety of settings, including in their home, child care, preschool, and in their community.


Eligibility is based on a variety of measures including: standardized testing, parental report and clinical observation. Washington state’s eligibility requires a 25% delay (-1.50 standard deviation) in one or more area(s) of development or a diagnosis that has a high probability of resulting in a developmental delay.

The Infant Toddler Program’s Early Intervention Services have lasting impacts

  • Jack began Early Intervention Services at Holly Ridge Center around age 1. He received numerous therapies & services.
  • He works at a local real estate office. He enjoys his work staging and prepping homes for sales & photo shoots.
  • “Jack’s level of functioning as he enters adulthood is way beyond what we thought was possible.” “…it is about recognizing our abilities, just as we focus and recognize Jack’s abilities. It is what we CAN do!” – Lori, Jack’s Mom

Employment Agency Success stories

Kitsap County, WA

Home Depot Employee holding employee recognition award in front of lumber section



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When Jeremy and his family relocated from Virginia to Washington, Jeremy needed to find a new job. They reached out to Vadis for Employment Services to help make that happen.

Jeremy had a strong desire to work in a retail environment and was leaning heavily toward home improvement stores. His family often shopped in the warehouse-style improvement stores so it was both familiar and comfortable to Jeremy.

His biggest challenge in finding a job was the interview process. His nerves would often get the best of him, exacerbating his tremors.

Jeremy has a great smile and it caught the attention of the store manager at Home Depot. He took the time during the interview to see past the nerves and listened as Jeremy was open about the tremors he experiences. He took note of his work experience and skills — and offered him the job.

Jeremy says that he likes that his job keeps him busy and he most enjoys working in the receiving dock and garden shop areas, although, he is happy to help anywhere he is needed. When his manager asked if he would be interested in learning to make keys, he quickly answered yes, never one to turn down a chance to improve and expand his work skills.

He is reliable and a very hard worker. The many employee appreciation awards he has received are a testament to that. His greatest honor, however, came when he was asked to train a new team member. His supervisor’s trust in his knowledge and abilities meant a lot to him.

Jeremy has been employed at Home Depot for two years and still enjoys recounting stories about the customers he is able to help each day.

Jeremy found a supportive employer that helps him bring out the best in himself. A perfect match.


Lasting Relationships
Between Candidates
& Businesses

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