Wise Featured Presenters

Image: Michael Beasley, a white, bald man wearing a blue buttoned down shirt.

Michael Beasley

Image: William Bedford, a black man wearing glasses, a blue and red baseball hat and white t-shirt. Hands on hips, smiling.

William Bedford

Image: Chuy Campuzano, a Latino man with dark hair.

Jesus Chuy Campuzano

Image: Julie Carpenter, a white woman with short dark hair and glasses smiles.

Julie Carpenter

Image: Faith Chaufty, a black woman with long hair wearing a patterned purple blouse and folding her hands.

Faith Chaufty

Alexandria Cordova

Image: Timothy Gordon Jr, a black man with dark-rimmed glasses and short dred locked hair smiles.

Timotheus “T.J” Gordon Jr.

Image: Jeff Grace, a white man with dark-rimmed glasses and gray hair smiles.

Jeff Grace

Image: Curtis Harris, a black man with a red shirt and a red and blue Chicago Cubs baseball cap.

Curtis Harris

Image: Resa Hayes, a white woman with a dark jacket, glasses, and a purple baseball cap smiles.

Resa Hayes

Shalese Heard

Image: Kimberly Johnson, a black woman with long brown hair smiles.

Kimberly L. Johnson

Image: Mary Matthews, a white woman with short blonde hair and a teal shirt smiles.

Mary Matthews

Image: a black woman with a red short and curly dark hair smiles.

Ashleigh Nightengale

Image: Ivanova Smith, a white woman with glasses and short brown hair smiles.

Ivanova Smith

Image: Lance Wolcott, a black man with short black hair and short beard wearing a navy blue fleece jacket smiles

Lance Wolcott