Jaimie Laitinen

TA and Training Director

Jaimie found her way to Wise as a student at Western Washington University, and since then she has enjoyed a wide range of roles and experiences in working toward getting people with disabilities into the workforce. In her current role at Wise, she specializes in working with schools and agency partners in supporting students and their families in the transition from school to adult life. On any given day at Wise, you can find Jaimie coordinating and facilitating all phases of conference planning, coordinating technical assistance, and facilitating Person Centered Plans. Her passion for this field is nurtured by being part of a determined community that shares the belief that each person has value to contribute and that everyone can work. She holds a BA in Human Services, is CESP certified, and completed the Highline Employment Certification Course 2014. When Jaimie is not working, you can find her enjoying time with family, exploring neighborhood parks, and making salads for her two pet bunnies.

Phone: 206-422-9433

Email: [email protected]