Jim Corey

Program Development Director

Jim passionately believes that every person is born to this planet with a purpose, a genius unique to them, and a people to serve. He believes that first and foremost we all need valuable social roles, jobs, and an ability to contribute meaningfully to the community. In 1994, Jim found his career working alongside people with the most significant developmental and intellectual disabilities, primarily in their search for employment. Since 2001, Jim has been honored to work at WISE, a recognized leader in facilitating paid community jobs for people with even the most difficult challenges, and an early adopter of the national call to Employment for All.  Jim is a person-centered planner, discovery wild man, wide-eyed and intuitive employment consultant, micro-business planner, trainer, speaker, retreat facilitator, event coordinator, and innovative project manager. His work is infused with fun, creativity, and care.

Phone: 206-391-8172

Email: [email protected]

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