Moe Cain

Systems & Contracts Coordinator

Image: Headshot of Wise Systems & Contracts Coordinator, Moe Cain.

Moe joined Wise in 2016 and now acts as the organization’s Systems & Contracts Coordinator. They obtained their master’s degree in Public Administration in 2019 at the University of Washington, where they primarily focused on social policy analysis and nonprofit management. They have experience in creating and implementing operational systems, managing contracts, and coordinating both in-person and virtual events. Moe leads Wise’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion team, and has experience working with organizations to assist them in developing their own equity plans.

Moe is passionate about social and economic justice for all communities and is particularly interested in the intersections of identity, opportunity, and health. They live in Capitol Hill in Seattle with their dog, where they enjoy browsing in used bookstores, attempting to grow an urban garden, and biking around the city.