Paul Clements

Program Manager

Paul Clements specializes in assistive technology (AT), advocacy, and advising businesses and agencies on the ADA. Paul is a living example of the power of Assistive Technology, which is his focus at Wise.

The reason that Paul is living a full and meaningful life is due to his father, Floyd. Floyd was a farmer and inventor by trade. He observed his son, Paul, playing with his toys using his feet. Paul had better control of his feet than his hands, due to his Cerebral Palsy, therefore, Floyd had the brilliant idea of creating pedals for his son’s wheelchair footrest. The family had found a computer engineer years earlier, and the engineer was writing a scanning program for Paul to communicate with the world. With that humble beginning, Paul’s father manufactured his wonderful pedals to access the computer communication program that Paul still uses to communicate today. Paul has a passion to see that every person who does not use words to communicate, can have the opportunity to communicate with a computer or augmentative communication device, and access the world fully.

Assistive technology is a newly forming field, and Paul has an intense working knowledge of it. He holds a BA in Clinical Psychology and a Masters’ Degree in Social Work. He has spoken at universities and colleges throughout the Spokane area, and instructs a caregiving course for DDA. Paul enjoys sharing his vast knowledge and experience with eager learners.


Email: [email protected]