Rebecca Roybal

Learning Management System Administrator

Rebecca is the LMS Administrator for Wise and has 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She started her career inspired by a quote from the movie Say Anything; like Lloyd Dobler, she didn’t want to sell anything, buy anything or process anything.  She was motivated by a desire to help people which led to 15 years working for various affordable housing organizations.  In 2006 she was introduced to the disability community and ever since has been an enthusiastic advocate, loving family member and believer in focusing on a person’s strengths and what they can do.

Her path crossed with Wise in 2017 when she was the training program manager at Partners for Employment at the University of New Mexico’s Center for Development and Disability.  She admired Wise’s fun and creative approach to training and jumped at the opportunity to join the team in 2021.

Rebecca’s career is now focused on Learning and Development and creating accessible and engaging learning experiences for all.  As a lifelong learner and supporter of disability rights, she considers herself very lucky to have created a career which combines two of her passions: supporting people with disabilities to find meaningful work and empowering learners to gain new knowledge, skills and abilities. 

Phone: 206-512-6959

Email: [email protected]

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