Robyn Slocom

Senior Training & Technical Assistance Manager

Robyn Hoffman

Robyn loves experiencing the moment when people envision that more is possible and making it happen!  She finds local, national, and international collaborative action energizing.  BA degrees in Psychology and Sociology/Social Work, a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), and experience applying Lean Management techniques to human services seem like an odd combination, though not for Robyn.  She loves to both explore the “big picture” of any situation and to figure out how to make the “details” really work for people. You may discover her partnering to create and enhance systems, engaging in development with organizations, breaking down barriers, providing practical professional development, and mentoring best practices that empower success.  When not exploring innovative ideas put into practice with Wise, Robyn can be found with her family enjoying the natural beauty near her home in Portland, Oregon and beyond, camping, fishing, traveling, or her personal favorite, visiting a beautiful beach!

Seeking more independence or more success at work? Need some additional teaching and assessment strategies for success? Struggling to break down steps in a way that works for the business and the employee? Wondering how to foster natural supports? Struggling with time management? Processes or systems not working for you? Updating a strategic plan? Robyn would love to put her nearly 30 years of experience in the field to work and explore how person or organization specific application of systematic instruction and lean management techniques can answer these questions and more with you.