Shaun Wood

Senior Program Manager

Shaun is all about jobs! He’s a community developer and has worked to support people with disabilities since 2002. He continues to work in schools, people’s homes, and job sites, helping to build inclusive communities. Shaun is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and a certified Employment Specialist. He served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Eastern Europe, and obtained both his M.Ed. (Applied Behavior Analysis) and B.A. (Political Science/Human Rights) from the University of Washington. 

Shaun uses applied behavior analysis, emerging technology, reflective processes, and mentorship to drive employment outcomes. In his current role, he’s available to work in local communities across Washington State and beyond! He has active projects from Alaska to the southwestern U.S. and eastern Canada. Shaun loves languages, and is fluent in Bulgarian with experience in French, Macedonian, Turkish, and Romani (he’s currently studying Spanish). When he isn’t working, he likes to garden, brew espresso, stare into his aquariums, and jog circles around his adopted hometown of Burien, Washington.


Technical Assistance and Consultation Services:

  • General best practices for supported employment and transition services
  • Functional assessments and positive behavior support plans for people in crisis or at risk of losing access to the community
  • Supports for independence, self-monitoring, productivity, and emotional regulation
  • Individualized technology assessments
  • Individualized communication systems for people who use limited or no verbal communication
  • School-based consultations on successful transition between school and adult services
  • System-change strategies for large and small organizations looking to implement Employment First practices
  • Supporting sexuality in disability services

Phone: 206-388-6307

Email: [email protected]

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