Colin Shumway


Colin is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, currently working as a Behavior Consultant for Work Opportunities, Inc. Colin has five years of experience working as an Employment Specialist and obtained his Master’s of Education in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Washington in 2017.  His experiences working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum in employment settings inspired him to acquire his education in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, which he now uses to provide best-practice consultation to Employment Specialists working with clients with high-support needs. Colin also has experience providing ABA therapy to young children with Autism, but his passion has remained supporting adults with disabilities in their employment pursuits.  Colin enters all consultations with a collaborative approach, valuing the Employment Specialist’s experiences and in-depth knowledge of each client, while introducing evidence-based strategies aimed to increase client success. He is devoted to ensuring that the field of supported employment continues to progress and move forward empowering individuals with disabilities in the best manner possible.