Larry Rhodes


Larry Rhodes is a highly regarded resource in organizational and community development.  His focus is on strategies and activities that address social disadvantage, and that aim to improve the health, education, and economic participation of those excluded. Much of his career has involved creating community employment opportunities for people with disabilities, as a provider, a researcher, educator, and consultant. He co-developed a nationally accredited certificate program for training supported employment and other direct support professionals, and has taught university courses in non-profit management and systematic instruction. Larry has a graduate diploma in Social Sciences from the University of Stockholm, Sweden and a Masters degree from California State University Sacramento.  He holds a Ph.D. in Developmental Disabilities from the University of Oregon, with specialization in systematic instruction, program management, and evaluation. He currently serves as President of The Anthill Foundation, an international service organization (NGO) that assists rural communities in Africa with development, health, and education projects.