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Due to changes brought about by the current Stay-at-Home order in Washington and other states due to Covid-19, Wise has shifted its Webinar Series from a monthly format to daily offerings. See below for session info & registration!

These courses are free for Washington State residents ONLY, sponsored by DDA and Washington State Counties. FOR WA RESIDENTS ONLY – Use the promo code WASTATE to sign up now.

For residents of other states/countries, the courses remain open with course fees listed within registration.

Upcoming Sessions


Please note that the Webinar project will only hold events on Wednesdays starting August 5th.

Wednesday 8/19

The Curse of Knowledge and the Promise of Task Analysis Thinking

Why is it hard to teach someone something that you yourself know very well? That’s the Curse of Knowledge- a curse that brings problems and solutions from such varied sources as Van Halen, the Boeing company, to cutting edge medical care. In new webinar content, we’ll explore the Curse of Knowledge and learn how various industries use Task Analysis- the process of breaking down tasks into smaller and easier steps- to overcome various challenges. We’ll practice analyzing a few tasks together, and finish reflecting on how we can use Task Analysis to connect with people for remote services, teaching about physical distancing and PPE, or just generally teach someone something new.

Trainer Shaun Wood

Wednesday 8/26

Training TBD

Description TBD

Trainer Dan Rutten

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