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Due to changes brought about by the current Stay-at-Home order in Washington and other states due to Covid-19, Wise has shifted its Webinar Series from a monthly format to weekly offerings. See below for session info & registration!

These courses are free for Washington State residents ONLY.   FOR WA RESIDENTS ONLY – Use the promo code WASTATE and click APPLY.  If you live and/or work outside of Washington State, the $25 fee still applies. 

For residents of other states/countries, the courses remain open with course fees listed within registration.

Upcoming Sessions

Wednesday 1/20

How to Effectively Create and Negotiate a Customized Job Proposal

Our goal is always to find our job seekers not just employment but meaningful jobs that utilize their talents while meeting the needs of the employer.  A proven way to ensure the optimal success in achieving this goal is by using a customized job proposal during the job creation phase. In this webinar you will learn how to create a customized job by writing a job proposal as well as how to use the proposal to negotiate all the specifics of a new job: job description; wages; schedule; expectations; natural supports; etc.  You will be provided with the basic ingredients to generate a strong customized job proposal and further discussion about how to use the proposal as a negotiating tool with a new employer. 

Trainer Aimee Sharp

Interested in learning more?

For more information, please reach out to [email protected] or fill out our contact form.

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