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Due to changes brought about by the current Stay-at-Home order in Washington and other states due to Covid-19, Wise has shifted its Webinar Series from a monthly format to daily offerings. See below for session info & click on the title to register!

Introducing the Wise Webinar-a-Day Series!

In partnership with WA State Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and Washington State Counties, Wise is offering online professional training for employment agency personnel in Washington State.

Upcoming Sessions

(4/6 – 4/10)

Monday 4/6

SSA, Work, COVID-19: what we know and what we don’t know

COVID-19 has changed the world.  For those of us involved with SSA recipients receiving benefits based on disability, our change experiences necessarily involves our desire to provide current and correct information to our clients, whose worlds may be turning upside down.  What do we know today?  How will this be changed by the Stimulus Bill should one pass?  How will Washington State agencies react to the COVID-19 crisis and to the Stimulus Bill?  Finally, how do we best support our clients during this new world of the strange and unknown?

Tuesday 4/7

Smart Goals and Employment Planning with Lisa Latchford

Employment is the most effective way we know to achieve the benefits outlined in Developmental Disabilities Administration Guiding Values; to provide a pathway out of poverty and increase choice and inclusion.  All individuals, regardless of support needs or disability, are given the opportunity to explore inclusive community options with paid employment as the priority outcome.  Employment Services plans assist the person with setting a goal for paid employment with clear action steps to guide the employment service provider.

Wednesday 4/8

The Intersection of Person Centered Plans and Employment Plans with Lisa Latchford

Participants will learn how Person-Centered Planning informs the employment service plan and guides the Employment Consultant with next steps for skill and job development. Person Centered Planning (PCP) is a process of thinking and planning that builds on the person’s capacities and interests to live a full and meaningful life. It is an evolving process of continual listening and learning, focusing on what is important to the person now and in the future, and acting on this together with their family and friends. The success of Person Centered Planning depends on the commitment of a team of individuals who care about the person. These individuals take action to make sure that the strategies discussed in planning meetings are implemented. Please bring paper, markers or pens to this session.

Thursday 4/9

Losing Control Stepping Back to Positive Support with Chuck Goodwin

The strategy of control and behavior management continued as individuals were introduced into the community.  The strategies that encouraged dependence, helplessness and frustration didn’t work.  This session will look at strategies of positive behavioral support in supported employment.  We will explore the idea of focusing on the positive, understanding and influencing the things that are in our control by stepping back, listening and observing.  This will connect to the Webinar tomorrow done by Dave Black on Negotiation

Friday 4/10

Negotiation in Times of Change with Dave Black

This session will focus on the practice of collaborative negotiation during times of change building on the strategies of positive behavior support in supported employment. We will discuss the process of managing transition in the midst of challenging situations through empowerment, communication, and relationships.

These courses are free for Washington State residents, sponsored by DDA and Washington State Counties. Use the promo code WASTATE to sign up now. The courses remain open to all states with course fees listed within registration.

Interested in learning more?

For more information, contact Charly Walters directly at [email protected] or fill out our contact form.

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