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Due to changes brought about by the current Stay-at-Home order in Washington and other states due to Covid-19, Wise has shifted its Webinar Series from a monthly format to weekly offerings. See below for session info & registration!

These courses are free for Washington State residents ONLY.   FOR WA RESIDENTS ONLY – Use the promo code WASTATE and click APPLY.  If you live and/or work outside of Washington State, the $25 fee still applies. 

For residents of other states/countries, the courses remain open with course fees listed within registration.

Upcoming Sessions

Wednesday 10/14

What Is Supported Decision Making and why is it important?

Supported decision making is a practice that has developed to assist people with strengthening their role as decision makers in their own lives. This has come about because many people have had their legal authority to make their own decisions, or have had the experience of being treated as if they cannot competently make their own decisions by others. Supported decision making is an emerging practice to contend with all of these challenges.

Trainer Michael Kendrick


Wednesday 10/21

Sure-Fire Job Development Strategies

In this informative webinar, veteran Job Developer, Lisa Latchford will share strategies on how to build trusted business partnerships using highly effective job development strategies.   

This webinar will energize those new to job developing or re-energize those already working with employers.

You will leave this webinar inspired to create your own vision and plan future actions with your team. 

Trainer Lisa Latchford


Wednesday 10/28

How to make it Billable vs. Non-Billable Part 2

As we continue to move forward with services during the pandemic, providers are needing more clarity of what is billable vs. non-billable activities. This PART #2 session is a continuation of conversations that will include representatives from all three regions in the State of Washington. We will revisit questions that were asked in our last session and bring them back to the forefront where we’re able to provide additional information and added clarity. This session will also give way for a Q & A session focused towards any additional questions that may need clarification

Trainers Josie Sparks, Nicole Luppens, Carrie Bayha, Rod Duncan, Angela Gomez, & Tara Zink


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