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The Wise Online Academy (WOA) 100 Series is an online employment professional training series based on customized core competencies. It is designed to provide employment professionals the training, knowledge, and skills they need to deliver quality customized competitive integrated employment services to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

ACRE Customized Employment Series:

  • Introduction to Supported Employment, Discovery, and Person-Centered Planning (12 ACRE credit hours).
  • Job Development and Marketing (12 ACRE credit hours).
  • Systematic Instruction: Teaching, Learning, and Retaining Abilities (12 ACRE credit hours).
  • Social Security Work Incentives. (4 ACRE credit hours)

Series Goals:

  • Provide strategies and tools for employment professionals to implement into their practice -the same day.
  • Refresh and refine tools for people who want to stay current with the latest in customized employment.
  • Increase the competence of employment professionals, and support professionalizing the field of Supported Employment.
  • Create space for collaboration, and opportunity to network with peers doing similar work.

    Series Logistics:

    • This four-part series is endorsed by ACRE – (Learn more about ACRE on the ACRE webpage). Students who complete all four courses earn the Customized ACRE certificate.
    • This series is a hybrid of intructor-led live training, collaborative community of practice, and interactive out of class activities.

    • Classes are offered every few months to assist with onboarding new staff.

      The total cost of this series is $600. Register separately for each of the 3 instructor-led classes at at $200 each. The On-demand Social Security class is offered at no charge!

    Series Courses:

    Introduction to Supported Employment, Discovery and Person Centered Planning (IDP)

    This course is an exciting and impactful introduction to the field of supported employment which will energize people new to the field and re-energize those already working in it.  It will engage and activate your abilities to support people with disabilities to create lives of their own choosing.  It will provide a full review of the values and practice of employment for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, instruction on how to perform Discovery with an employment candidate and will familiarize you with Person-Centered Employment Planning to inform and strengthen action plans.

    • Instructors: Jaimie Laitinen, Katherine Titus

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    Job Development and Marketing (JDM)

    This course provides an overview of the essential functions of marketing and customized job development for employment support professionals who work with job seekers with developmental and intellectual disabilities. This course gives employment specialists the values, confidence, and skills they need to work with the business community to develop win-win employment opportunities meeting the needs of the job seekers they serve and the businesses that hire them.  It also provides insight, inspiration and a reminder of the basic values and creative, time-tested, approaches that are truly effective in successfully performing this valuable social service.  

    • Instructors: Jenny Crook, Emily Harris, Charly Walters

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    Systematic Instruction: Teaching, Learning, and Retaining Jobs (SIT)

    Even the most complex tasks, if broken down and taught using the techniques of Systematic Instruction, can be learned, and mastered by people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Here is a chance for those who support people with disabilities to learn and practice these powerful techniques, and dramatically enhance their ability to teach people new tasks at home, in the community, and in the workplace.

    • Instructors: Robyn Slocom, Shaun Wood

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    Social Security Benefits and Work Incentives On-demand

    This Course gives clear and thorough information about Social Security benefits and related work incentives, and helps people make informed choices about employment. The intent is to inspire participants to realize that work is important and achievable for people who experience disabilities.  It will further help participants understand that people with disabilities can work and retain essential benefits, allowing them to move toward greater financial gain from employment.

    • Instructors: Susan Harrell, Scott Leonard



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